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Hall of Presidents

As we look back, our forefathers possessed the ingenuity to create the New York Claim Association, Inc. – as a Not for Profit Claim Association established in 1914, we can only begin to understand their purpose. George C. Taft, one of the founders of this Association, was an employee of Employers Liability Insurance Company during his Presidency (1914, 1915 and 1916). It would appear one of the initial purposes of this Association was to institute a forum wherein insurance professionals would gather to exchange ideas involving critical issues on claim matters relating to all lines of coverage. This purpose remains with us today as we embark upon new changes in the laws and procedures that govern our claims processing. Every President of this Association has unswervingly committed themselves to provide their membership with Continuing Education that embraces a variety of influential topics presented by authoritative persons during that time. Our history reflects that Insurance Companies were the main drivers of this Association. As the claims industry evolved, other types of memberships flourished bringing us to where we are today. A culmination involving multiple types of memberships needs to be fostered as we move forward in our development of this Association.

Presidents 2011-Present

  • KAREN ALLEN 2015-2017 Special Funds Conservation Committee
  • MINDY ROLLER 2013-2014 New York City Law Department
  • GARY ARABIAN 2011-2013 York Risk Services Group

Presidents 2001-2010

  • ANNETTE MALPICA, R.N., Esq. 2009-2010 Con. Edison Co. of New York, Inc.
  • JOHN SWEENEY, Esq. 2007-2008 New York City Law Department He continued to build the NYCA web-site on the solid foundation established under the Edward Hiller administration allowing for our history to be illustrated, as well as focusing on those who gave so much to this Association and the Industry by memorializing them.
  • EDWARD HILLER, Esq. 2005-2006 The State Insurance Fund Edward L. Hiller continued to build on the solid financial base established under the Steve Scotti administration and launched a new website that, for the first time, gave NYCA E-Commerce and multi-media capability.
  • STEVEN J. SCOTTI, Esq. 2003-2004 Con Edison During Steve's Presidency he expanded the number of professional development programs and reorganized and strengthened NYCA's financial structure through expanded participation involving the Association's talented Officers, Board of Directors, and members.
  • MICHAEL A. KOSS 2001-2002 MTA / New York City Transit During Michael's Presidency, he targeted membership by implementing and expanding NYCA's affiliations with other Associations. He added the positions of Special Counsel to the Board as well as Senior Medical Advisor. Additionally, Michael established the practice of honoring industry leaders at our Annual Dinner Dance.

Presidents 1991-2000

  • DEBRA L. SMITH 1999-2000 Artisan/HIP
  • BRUCE S. GONSKY 1997-1998 The State Insurance Fund During his presidency, Bruce Gonsky successfully ushered in subtle but invigorating changes: modernizing NYCA in essence, while retaining its proud traditions. Bruce reorganized, produced, and presented many popular seminars and events, not only geared toward Workers' Compensation claims professionals, but to the Insurance Industry at large. He personally recruited dynamic executives to the NYCA Board, who provided vitality and novel ideas, and who continue to elicit innovative change today.
  • EDWARD A. GARRETT 1995-1996 The Brooklyn Union Gas Co.
  • LOUIS F. CERBONE 1993-1994 Associate Safety Management Inc.
  • STEVEN M. LICHT, Esq. 1991-92 State Insurance Fund Mr. Licht was the Director of Claims for NYSIF during his presidency. He incorporated his decades of experience in the field of workers' compensation to keep the NYCA moving forward in his trademark professional manner.

Presidents 1981-1990

  • ANTHONY J. ARAGONA 1989-90 Consolidated Edison of NY
  • MICHAEL J. LYNCH 1988 Port Authority of NY & NJ
  • KARIN KORBELAK 1987 Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty Ins. Co.
  • DONALD G. VASS 1986 The State Insurance Group
  • MOHAMED NAGI 1985 The Brooklyn Union Gas Co.
  • VINCENT E. MISTRETTA 1984 State of New York Insurance Dept. Liquidation Bureau During his Presidency, Vincent was instrumental in establishing other associations to join forces with NYCA. He forged relationships with a variety of Defense Firms, Members of the Plaintiff Bar, the Judiciary and Insurance Carriers. His interfacing with these entities fostered a professional relationship that is shared with our members today.
  • PETER J. RANDAZZO 1983 The Hartford Insurance Group
  • ROBERT E. KENNEDY 1982 The Brooklyn Union Gas Co.
  • BETTY J. O’SHEA 1981 Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty Ins. Co.

Presidents 1971-1980

  • J. ROBERT MORRIS 1980 President Aetna Life & Casualty Co.
  • WILLIAM J. DONOHUE 1979 The Greater NY Insurance Group
  • DOMENICK J. PENNACHIO 1978 Fireman’s Fund American Insurance Co.
  • MRS. VIVAN SCOTT 1977 Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corp.
  • FREDERICK W. McPHILLIAMY 1976 The Brooklyn Union Gas Co.
  • W. W. HARRIS 1975 Aetna Life & Casualty Co.
  • NORMAN PORTNOY 1974 Hartford Insurance Group
  • HAROLD J. ZINDLE 1973 New York Telephone Co.
  • WILLIAM C. MORRISON 1971 Interboro Mutual Indemnity Ins. Co.

Presidents 1961-1970

  • MELVIN C. HARTMAN 1970 United States Trucking Corp.
  • ANTHONY J. CICCARELLO 1969 General Fire and Casualty Company
  • JUSTIN B. HARRIS 1968 General Reinsurance Corp.
  • KENNETH T. HOEFER 1967 Travelers Insurance Company
  • THOMAS J. FLOOD 1966 Allstate Insurance Company
  • JOSEPH M. QUINN 1965 Fireman’s Fund Insurance Companies
  • WILLIAM F. GILLESPIE 1964 The Port Authority of NY & NJ
  • THOMAS E. CASSIDY 1963 Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co.
  • NEIL CARTER 1962-63 Greater New York Mutual Insurance Co.
  • F. J. McNIFF 1961 Aetna Casualty & Surety Company

Presidents 1951-1960

  • BERNARD HELFENSTEIN 1960 Consolidated Mutual Insurance Company
  • EDWARD G. LISTON 1959 Lumberness Mutual Casualty Co. of IL.
  • JOHN W. COULTER 1958 Harris Structural Steel Company, Inc.
  • ALBERT E. SCHOBER 1957 Hanover Insurance Company
  • ANTHONY M. LUNA 1956 Utica Mutual Insurance Company
  • ROBERT E. DOOLITTLE 1955 Aetna Casualty & Surety Company
  • EMANUAL MORGENBESSER 1954 Cosmopolitan Mutual Casualty Company
  • EDWARD N. MCNAMARA 1953 Security Mutual Casualty Company
  • MICHAEL R. CONCIALDI 1951-52 The Century Indemnity Company

Presidents 1941-1950

  • S. CHANDLER FRASER 1949-50 American Lumberness Mutual Casualty Co. of IL.
  • JOHN P. KENNEALLY 1947-48 United States Casualty Co.
  • HOWARD S. BALLANTYNE 1945-46 Continental Casualty Co.
  • J. SUMNER DRAPER 1943-44 Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
  • OREN HEDBERG 1941-42 United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co.

Presidents 1931-1940

  • JOSEPH S. GIFFORD 1939-40 American Lumberness Mutual Casualty Co. of IL.
  • GEORGE B. WESLEY 1937-38 London Guarantee & Accident Co., Ltd.
  • HERBERT F. DIMOND 1935-36 Fidelity & Caualty Co. of New York
  • HARRY SEIDE 1935 Hamlin & Company
  • SAMUEL KALTMAN 1931-32-33-34 Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.

Presidents 1921-1930

  • GEORGE STONE 1929-30 Utilities Mutual Ins. Co.
  • EDWARD A. WILLOUGHBY 1926-27-28 Travelers Insurance Co.
  • WILLIAM BUTLER 1923-24-25 United States Casualty Co.
  • T. CARLYLE JONES 1921-22 Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.

Presidents 1910-1920

  • AMOS CHAPMAN 1920 Brewers Mutual Ins. Co.
  • CLARENCE TIPPET 1919 American Mutual Liability Ins. Co.
  • H.S. RECKNAGEL 1917-18 Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York
  • GEORGE C. TAFT 1914-15-16 Employers Liability Ins. Co. George was not only one of our forefathers, but also held the position of our first President for this Association. He possessed the ingenuity to establish the New York Claim Association (NYCA) as a Not-for-Profit Corporation. As an Insurance Carrier Professional, he influenced other Insurance Carriers to join him in his plight by fostering a forum in which educational claims related topics were discussed. His vision remains alive with us today.